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SciVerse Scopus one of the most prestigious and successful projects in the field of scientometrics, indexes more than 18,000 titles of scientific and technical, and medical journals of about 5,000 publishers worldwide. SciVerse Scopus means of monitoring research effectiveness help to evaluate the work of scientists. They are used as criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of research and higher education institutions.

Since 2012, the journal “Tehnichna elektrodynamika” is indexed in the international abstract scientometric database of scientific periodicity SciVerse Scopus


Ulrich's Web Global Serials Directory is an international electronic catalogue of periodicals. During 75 years Ulrich's provides us with an information about periodicals that are published all over the world. Nowadays Ulrich's has a great authority as one of the easiest means for information search that is used in the specialized libraries of the leading countries all over the world.

Since 2010, the journal "Tehnichna elektrodynamika" is included into Ulrich's Web Global Serials Directory - the catalogue of periodicals.


Engineering Village. Since 2012 the journalTehnichna elektrodynamikais included into Compendex® the scientific and technical abstract base that contains 14 million articles of 190 disciplines and is included into the single internet platform of scientific and technical information of Engineering Village.


Е-library is an electronic scientific library, one of the largest Russian informational portal in the field of science, technology, medicine and education, which includes papers and full texts of more than 14 million research papers and publications. There are online versions of more than 2500 Russian scientific and technical journals, including 1300 journals on the open access, available on the elibrary.ru platform.

Since 2008, the journal Tehnichna elektrodynamika is included into e-library.


EBSCOhost databases. In 2013, the Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine has signed up a License Agreement with EBSCO Publishing, Inc. (USA) to distribute content of the articles of "Tekhnichna Electrodynamika" ("Technical Electrodynamics") journal. The journal was included in the full-text databases of EBSCOhost platform, owned by EBSCO Publishing Inc., which is over 65 years an authoritative publisher of scientific and technical periodicals and a trusted provider of scientific information to the various organizations all over the world, from school and public libraries to scientific and industrial corporations.


ProQuest. In 2013, the Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine has signed up a License Agreement with ProQuest. The "Tekhnichna Electrodynamika" (Technical Electrodynamics) journal is available in ProQuest retrieval system, which provides an access to 74 databases and digital libraries, the materials of which reflect almost all areas of scientific and educational activities. The total volume of sources is about 8,000 items, including over 4,500 journals in the full-text form.



VINITI RAN is one of the largest Russian and world informational and analytical centers, base organization of interstate exchange of scientific and technical information.

Since 2010, the journal Tehnichna elektrodynamikais included into VINITI RAN, the fund of scientific and technical literature. The journal is reviewed in the Abstract journal and Subject Base of VINITI RAN.


Google Scholar is a search system with an open access, which indexes full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Scholar index includes the majority of refereed online-journals of European and American largest scientific publishing houses.

According to the Google Scholar 2007-2011, the journal Tehnichna elektrodynamikais included into 100 of the most recited Ukrainian scientific professional publications in Google Scholar. The journal occupies the 19th place among the journals of the National Academy of Sciencies of Ukraine.


Since 2009 the archives of the journal “Tehnichna elektrodynamika” are presented in the full-text base “Scientific periodicals of Ukraine”. The journal issues are placed in the open access with a one year delay.


Ukrainika naukova is a Ukrainian national abstract database of natural, technical, social, medical sciences and humanities. This database was launched by the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and Institute of Information Recording Problems NAS of Ukraine. It has a printed analogueabstract journal "Dzherelo".

The materials of the journal Tehnichna elektrodynamikaare published in the appropriate subject series of the abstract journal "Dzherelo".


Subscription Agencies

The activities of the State Enterprise "PRESA" is aimed at satisfying the needs of individuals and legal entities in the periodical and non-periodical publications, other printed products in Ukraine and abroad. The business partners of SE "PRESA" are more than 1,000 publishing houses, editors, firms and foreign contractors.

The information regarding the journal “Tehnichna elektrodynamika” can be found in the Catalogue of periodicals of Ukraine.


LLC Ukrinformnaukawas established in order to make the scientists acquainted with the activities of organizations and institutions of academies of sciences – IAAS members, the simplification of the search of scientific information and academic journals order.

The information regarding the journalTehnichna elektrodynamikacan be found in the Catalogue of periodicals of subscription agency Ukrinformnauka, which performs the subscription of edition and delivery of a journal to its subscribers.

PressPoint − www.presspoint.ua − this single point of sale of the Ukrainian press in electronic form. The site can subscribe or purchase a separate room. Today, in the catalog there are more than 600 different editions. It is also a site that is interesting to read.

How to get information about publications that are included into SciVerse Scopus databases?

All articles published in the journal Tehnichna elektrodynamika, started from the issue №1, 2012, are indexed in SciVerseSCOPUS base. The authors have an ability to get the information about their own publications and the publications of their colleagues that are in the database, at the SciVerseSCOPUS site.

For this purpose you need to go to the search page by following the link www.scopus.com/home.url, then click on Author Preview and enter your data as transliteration from Russian or Ukrainian languages into English into appropriate fields:

last nameLast Name»),

initialsInitials or First Name»),

author’s place of workAffiliation»)

and click «Search» («Search»).

On the screen there will appear a table with short information about the author, a number of his articles in the SCOPUS base and a title of the last article added into the base.